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State Lowest Price For Everything!!

CPD Wine & Liquor is Offer cost plus dollar of our wholesale price. you get best selection of Vodka, Rum, Imported & Domestic Whiskey , Single Malt, Small batch Bourbon, Cognac- Brandy, Gin-Tequila , Cordial liqueur like cream-schnapps etc, also we have big Domestic wine and Imported from Franc, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Sake, plus big Craft Beer Selection from around the World.

Established in 2014.

We are last 7 year in this wine & liquor industry with 100% costumer satisfaction. we do retail location and online . we deliver best price in country. this location is our new business strategy is everything is cost plus dollar so nobody can bit our price. we have top level costumer service and our staff know about our product.

you explain your taste we will find better product with great price. we carry top high lever craft spirit and low price drink. We have variety selection of micro brews and craft beer. we keep huge wine selection from all over World. we carry great Cigar from highest rated to everyday smoke. we offer complimentary tasting every Friday – Saturday 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.