Barrell Blended American Whiskey Infinite Barrel Project Cask Strength 118.5 750 ML

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The tradition of keeping an infinity bottle is well known to whiskey collectors and aficionados around the world. Take the last ounces of each whisk(e)y bottle as you finish it, and pour them into a bottle you?ve set aside. Barrell Craft Spirits is honoring the Infinity bottle tradition in their own way by introducing the Infinite Barrel Project.
The intent of this project is to create an ever-changing whiskey blended from barrels of mature whisk(e)y. They began by selecting barrels for their flavor contribution and complexity and blending them in a larger single, or “Infinite” vessel. At each bottling they remove a portion of that whiskey and replace it with other barrels that will complement the remaining blend.

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With smoke and oak, this starts off so intense with pepper spices, peat, dried apricot, hard candies, caramel-covered apples, salted butter, pecan shell, and strawberry jam. Leather, tobacco, and baking spices begin the descent toward a medium, slightly bitter finish. If you like trying new things, this is an American cadre of flavors unlike anything out there.