Barrell Blended Bourbon Batch 23 Cask Strength 10 Yr 108 750 ML

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Cinnamon donuts lead into earthy notes of walnut, leather, and fallen leaves. Subtly fruity, with hints of white currant and honeydew melon peeking out over the classic rye spice of angelica, catnip and black licorice.

Batch 23 of Barrell Bourbon comes in at a lower proof than past batches. They have gone as high as 132. So, if you think this one is on the hotter side, it?s not as hot as it could be. Cask strength isn?t for everyone but if it is, you?ll like this line of whiskey with each batch blending in different flavors and always no water added. What blends in the barrell is what you get in the bottle, hence, cask (or barrel) strength.

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Tasting Notes

A core of zincite ore fades to pale yellow.

Opens sweetly, on buttered pancakes with maple syrup and cinnamon donuts. Gradually the aroma shifts to exotic, earthy notes of forest floor, cracked walnut, leather, red miso, and incense. Fruits feel ancillary, but kiwi, white currant, mulled cider and raspberry pastille all make an appearance. The rye spice is pronounced, lending bay leaf, angelica and chocolate mint.

Gently sweet with chewy tannin, the evolution on the palate mirrors the nose. Honey, coffee cake and a touch of brownie taking the lead. Dry rose follows, on walnut shell, fallen leaves and portobello mushroom; reminiscent of an old Oloroso sherry. There?s a juicy brightness that makes notes of honeydew melon, grenadine and orange zest come alive.

Cinnamon donut accompanied by nocino, black licorice and tar. As it fades, it softens to leather, orange peel and apple blossom.