Contratto Vermouth Bianco (NV) 750 ML

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One of the most popular and versatile white wine grapes, Chardonnay offers a wide range of flavors and styles depending on where it is grown and how it is made. While practically every country in the wine producing world grows it, Chardonnay from its?Burgundian?homeland produces some of the most remarkable and longest lived examples. As far as cellar potential, white Burgundy rivals the world?s other age-worthy whites like Riesling or botrytized Semillon.?California?is Chardonnay?s second most important home, where both oaky, buttery styles and leaner, European-inspired wines enjoy great popularity. Oregon, Australia and South America are also significant producers of Chardonnay.

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The aromatic blend of herbs and spices gently infuses the wine to create a unique bouquet and taste. Delicious served chilled on its own or with a twist of lemon, it is the perfect vermouth for classic and contemporary mixology.